Rectangle vs. Round Trampoline. Things You Should Know!

by Jerry Rickel | Last Updated:  June 17, 2020
Rectangle versus round trampoline

It isn’t easy choosing a trampoline for first-time buyers when you consider the shape and size of the item.

The shape is very important and it has to work to meet you and your family’s needs.

One of the most common questions that first-time trampoline buyers always ask is which trampoline shape should I purchase, rectangle or round?

Although the round one is the most commonly purchased with this product, it may not be the shape of it that will meet you and your family’s needs and preferences. It may surprise you on the differences between a rectangle and a round trampoline.

The Round Trampoline

The round one is the most common shape and purchased one on the market today. The circle shape of the trampoline provides a consistent bounce.

The springs on the circular one will direct the jumper towards the center of the jumping mat when they are bouncing, which reduces injuries from occurring on the springs.

The circular model is also very affordable because the frame on the circular model doesn’t need added support for the frame.

Benefits of a Round Shape

There are many benefits that come with this shape, which include:

There is a downside to the circular model and that it doesn’t have a high bounce that the rectangle model provides, which is why many doctors will recommend the round model over the rectangle one because there is less risk of injuries occurring.

The Rectangle Trampoline

The rectangle trampoline provides a higher bounce than the circular model, because of the springs on this one work independently, which provides more controlled jumps and bouncing.

The square model can support more weight than the round one, so more than one jumper can jump on the square one at the same time.

The rectangle trampoline is often used by professional athletes for their practicing and the professional athletes that use this type of product include gymnasts, figure skaters, and much more.

Benefits of a Rectangle Shape

There are many benefits that come with this choice, which includes:

There are a couple downsides with the rectangle trampoline, which include the price as it cost more than a circular one and the rectangle one is often used for professionals.

The square one does cost more money, because the frame is stronger and provides more stability, and it uses the highest quality of materials.

Round or Rectangle Trampoline Safety

Which trampoline is safer the round or the rectangle model?

The circular model is much safer than the square and box style due to the springs. The spring size is reduced on the circular one, which directs the jumper to the center of the jumping mat and away from the edges.

The square model springs work independently, so the bounce and jump can occur from one end of the jumping mat to the other.

The round trampoline is much safer and is recommended for families over the rectangle trampoline. The box style is generally used for athletes looking to practice. Safety enclosures can add safety to each one of these choices and it is recommended.

Round and Rectangle Trampoline Prices

The prices are drastically different between the circular and box styles.

The circular styles are less expensive than the box styles because the round shape doesn’t need to be added support that a square style requires. Without the added support needed it allows for the circular manufacturers to sell them at an affordable price.

The square style is built for gymnasts and athletes, so there isn’t a large demand for this shape and the frame is made to be stronger and sturdier, so the price is higher for this type.

Round and Rectangle Trampoline Performances

The round and rectangle trampolines have different performances.

The circular kind may not have a big bounce, but it does provide a very good jumping ability, and it will always direct the jumper towards the center of the jumping mat, which is safer for children and families.

The square models have a great performance as they provide a high jumping ability and the landing force is absorbed.

The box-shaped style is also larger, which gives the jumper a bigger space for doing jumping tricks and bounces.

Round and Rectangle Trampoline Usages

The round ones are used and made for recreational usage, which is why they are excellent for many backyards and families.

The rectangle ones are built for professional usage and they are often used by gymnasts, skaters, and divers.

Round and Rectangle Trampolines Construction

The frames on a square one are very thick. The box-shaped walls are generally 3.0mm while the circular one’s walls are generally 2.0 thick.

The square shaped ones have T-Joints, which is added support for the frame. The springs are heavy-duty springs that provide a bigger bounce.

Many of the round one’s frames are generally welded at the joints and over time this is the area where the frame will endure a crack from extensive jumping.

The round ones are made with heavy-duty materials and are constructed with the highest quality of materials.

Each shaped ones will come with a warranty and guarantee and if you purchase a trampoline that doesn’t offer a warranty, then you should consider not purchasing that particular shape.

Is a Round or Rectangle Trampoline Covered under Homeowner’s Insurance?

Many parents wonder if they purchase a trampoline will it be covered under their homeowner’s insurance.

Before you purchase any style or brand you should contact your homeowner’s insurance company and ask if you purchase one of these products will any accidents occur will the insurance cover these accidents.

Many homeowners insurance companies will not cover any of them and they still will not provide insurance coverage if you add a safety enclosure.

And The Winner Is…

Deciding what shape of a trampoline can always be confusing for parents, but as you can see the round one is often the number one choice for families, because of the size, safety, and cost.

If you or your child wants to train on a trampoline, then the rectangle shape is the best choice.

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