The Best Trampoline Exercises

Trampolines are a favorite activity for children, but they can be just as fun for adults along with being a fun way to exercise.

Many health benefits occur with a workout that is done on these models. It is hard to believe that jumping and exercising on one of these can actually burn more calories than jogging, but it is true.

These exercises can strengthen all the muscles in the body and the exercises on the jumping mat are low impacted, so everyone of any age can do these exercises without hurting any joints.

Are you interested in learning about trampoline exercises? If you are, then look below.

Top Trampoline Exercises

The Fundamental Bounce

  • The fundamental bounce is one of the easiest and common types of exercises that can be done on these products. To start doing the fundamental bounce start off by standing in the middle of the jumping mat and have the head upright and straight. Take both of the arms and swing them forward, then upward and why the body is in the air try to keep the feet together and point the toes downwards towards the jumping mat. As the legs are coming down to the jumping mat, then should make sure that the feet are slightly apart and doing this will ensure added stability.

Continue doing the fundamental bounce for approximately thirty minutes and you can burn up to 160 calories.

The Knee Drop

  • To start the knee drop begin in a standing position in the center of the jumping mat. Jump up and come down to the jumping mat landing on the knees.
  • The upper body should be erect when the body is coming down on the knees. This is one of the easiest exercises and is fun to do too.

The Hand and Knee Drop

  • The hand and knee drop exercise is another easy and favorite exercise. To start off doing the hand and knee drop exercise start off by bouncing standing up, then when the body is coming down to the jumping mat try to land on the knees and the hands at the same time.
  • Start off by pushing yourself up from the jumping mat with hands, then get back into the standing position, then continue on. One this has been conquered the knee drop trampoline exercise, then the hand and knee drop exercise will be easy to do too.

The Back Drop

  • The back drop exercise can be a little tricky, so it should be able to do the previous two exercise good before trying this exercise.
  • To start the back drop exercise make sure to start jumping lightly so you have a light bounce, then try to land on your back.
  • It can start the initial jump with a slanting position and make sure that your chin down and hitting the chest. Jump and kick forward, then land on the back, then jump back up and repeat.
  • Once it has been figured out the back drop technique, then it gets easier each time you do it.

Jumping Jacks​​​​

  • The jumping jacks exercise is very similar to regular jumping jacks except they will be done on the jumping mat.
  • Stand straight up and start with your feet together and keep the arms to your side.
  • Start jumping, then take the arms over your head and clap, and spread your legs out at the same time.

If you do the jumping jacks exercise for thirty minutes, then you will burn up to 200 calories with this exercise.

The Straddle Jump

  • The straddle jump exercise is similar to doing jumping jacks.
  • To start doing the straddle jump exercise you will want to have the feet together and the arms to the side (just as you would start doing jumping jacks), then as the body is about to reach the air try pointing both of the legs to one side, then repeat.
  • The goal of the straddle jump trampoline exercise is to continue to get the legs higher and the legs should start to be parallel with the ground precisely. As the legs are in the correct position, then this is when to take your hands and touch the toes.
  • Of course, this isn’t one of the first exercises that should be tried out. Once the previous exercises are mastered and down pat first, then practice the straddle jump exercise.
  • It takes time to get the straddle jump exercise just right, but in time it will be able to conquer this fun and exciting trampoline exercise.


  • The squats exercise is the same as if it were doing them at the local gym.
  • To start the squats exercise to start off with the feet placed apart (even to your shoulders) and start with a small jump.
  • Once the body has reached the jumping mat this is when the body will need to squat. The knees should be bent.
  • The squats exercise is a fun and easy exercise to do.

What Are The Benefits of Trampoline Exercises?

There are many health benefits that come with doing these exercises, which include:

  • Easy for Joints: Doing exercises is easy on the joints. If anyone suffers from joint issues, then these exercises are ideal. The exercises have less joint impacts along with the soft tissues. The impact is absorbed with the jumping mat. If anyone suffers from joint pains, then trampoline exercises are great for you. Joint pain will be reduced while building up the joints.
  • Boosts Cardiovascular Development: These exercises will strengthen the heart and increases oxygen. If doing regular exercises leaves anyone out of breath, then these exercises are ideal and recommended. The gravity changes each time a jump is done, which creates more oxygen for the jumper.
  • Builds Strength and Muscular Developments: These type of exercises will improve physical strength along with improving muscular developments. The exercises are an excellent choice for athletes.

Last Words

Trampoline exercises are easy to do and they are actually fun to do.

Many professional athletes are turning to these type exercises to build strength, increased oxygen, and for all the health benefits.

Elderly people are also doing the exercises because these exercises are easy on the joints.

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise, then you should consider doing exercises on these trampolines. You will see results quickly.