What Are The Benefits Of Using A Trampoline?

by Jerry Rickel | Last Updated:  June 17, 2020
Trampoline benefits

There are many benefits to jumping and bouncing on a trampoline. They are very fun, but when one is used on a regular basis, then they provide many benefits for adults and children.

Anytime parents tell their children that something is very good for them, then it seems that children automatically don’t want any part of it, but this item is one thing that children and adults seem to enjoy, even though there are many wonderful benefits that come with the usage of a trampoline.

Trampoline Benefits for Kids – Four Years and Younger

Every child loves to bounce and children four years and younger can really benefit in many ways when they are jumping, bouncing, and playing on these products.

One of the best benefits for kids four years and younger are increasing their coordination, which will also improve their stability and motor skills, but you may be surprised what other great benefits there are with this item. Here are the top trampoline benefits for kids four years and under:

  1. Balancing Development: Bouncing on the jumping mat will add balancing development for kids four years and under. Children will learn quickly that they will have to learn quickly how to balance when they are jumping and bouncing on the jumping mat due to the constant gravity is changing.
  2. Increases Motor Skills: Jumping on this product will increase motor skills as the jumping will make the brain function quickly and doing this will improve motor skills for younger children.
  3. Start Children Early: This fun item will start children at this early age in being active. Children will learn quickly that being active is essential and important.
  4. Improves Flexibility: Young children that jump on a trampoline will strengthen muscles while improving flexibility, which is important to start at an early age.
  5. Self-Esteem Added: Young children will become confident and have added self-esteem as the children are conquering new skills on this item.
  6. Fresh Air and Sunshine: Young children need to be outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine and when you buy one it will provide that.

Trampoline Benefits for Kids Over 5 Years of Age

  1. Teaches Persistence and Patience: Kids 5 years and older will learn to be persistent and patient as they learn to jump and mastering jumps on the jumping mat.
  2. Great for Cardiovascular Exercising: Kids that jump on it for thirty minutes and more will increase their heart rate, which is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Added Posture and Balance: Jumping on the jumping mat will add better posture for kids 5 years and older because the jumping and constant movement will teach the kids to always be aware of the gravity that occurs on the trampoline while they are jumping.
  4. Increases Academic Success: Kids that are 5 years and older will learn self-control with their body movements. As the kids are improving on it, then later they will have an increase with their academics.
  5. Athletic Future: Kids 5 years and older that use their trampoline regularly will have a better athletic future because jumping and bouncing on it will increase motor skills along with building stronger muscles. Basketball, football, ice skaters, hockey, and many more activities will provide your children with better athletic skills.
  6. Fun Exercising: Kids today are spending less time outdoors and being active, but it is a fun way to exercise and being active outdoors for kids five years and older.
  7. Strengthens Muscles: Kids that jump and bounce will strengthen their muscles along with strengthening their bone density.

Trampoline Benefits for Adults

  1. Better for Joints: Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent work out for adults because the jumping mat will absorb the jumping impact, which lessens the joint impacts.
  2. Increases Lymph Circulation: Adults that jump on one will increase their lymph fluid circulation, which in general will make the immune system to be boosted.
  3. Reduces Stress: Stress will be reduced just by jumping on one of these items. The endorphins will be increased while stress is being reduced.
  4. Increases Leg Strength: Adults that are jumping on one will increase their leg strength. The strength in the legs can increase up to thirty percent just by jumping on it a few times a week.
  5. Weight Loss: Adults that jump for just twenty minutes a few times a week can lose weight. The metabolism will increase and this will aid in burning fat in the body.
  6. Increases Muscles: Adults can increase the muscles in their legs, feet, stomach, and back when they jump on one.
  7. Slows Aging: Adults that jump on these products several times a week can slow the aging process. The immune system is boosted, which will support any tissue repair and the aging process is slowed down.
  8. Eliminate Cellulite: One of the best ways to eliminate cellulite is by jumping on one. It has been studied and it is a fact that it will eliminate cellulite in the body.
  9. Strengthens Bone Density: Adults can strengthen their bone density. It can also prevent osteoporosis and increase bone mass because jumping on the jumping mat is a fantastic exercise that weight-bearing.
  10. Reduces Arthritis: As the joints are becoming stronger, arthritis is being reduced.

Benefits of Trampoline for Adults and Kids

As you can see there are many benefits that come with a trampoline for both adults and kids. Jumping and bouncing can burn more calories than going for a walk or even jogging. Adults and kids can really benefit with the low impact exercises on these.

Adults rarely think about using a trampoline for their exercising because they just think that these are toys for kids, but adults can start jumping and bouncing, and getting the exercise that they need in a fun and exciting way.

The first trampoline was introduced and developed in 1934 and it was first used to train astronauts, then gymnast, acrobats, and other sports training. Today, they are being used for exercises and fun for adults and kids. If you are wondering how you can start an exercise routine on a trampoline, then you are in the right place.

Trampoline Workout Exercises

When you are first starting to using one of these for your workout, then you will want to start off slow.

You should start off by doing small jumps. Once you are comfortable and getting used to the jumping mat, then you can increase your jumps.

Adults should first start off by doing fifteen minutes a day on the one, then slowly raise the time by five minutes each week.

Adults should try to do the exercise workout three to four days a week.

Trampoline Exercises:

This are basic trampoline exercises. Adults and children can do these type of exercises together.

Grown-ups can get their children outside and be active when you own one, which is very important today, because of all the technology that keeps kids glued to their iPad, laptop, and playing video games.


As you can see there adults and kids can benefit with a trampoline. There are so many different health benefits.

Parents can get their young children active by introducing their children to a trampoline. Young children will increase their motor skills, confidence, and have a healthier life from jumping and bouncing and just having fun on one.

There is no better time than the present for adults and kids to become active with a trampoline. If you are tired of your kids staying indoors in front of the television, then you should consider purchasing one. Not only will your kids benefit with a trampoline, but you will too.

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