Fun Outdoor Trampoline Games – These 4 Are Life-Changing

by Jerry Rickel | Last Updated:  June 16, 2020
Fun outdoor trampoline games

Have you purchased a trampoline for your kids and after the new wore off was it difficult to get your kids outside to play on it? Trampoline games are the way to do it!

If this has happened to you, then there is a fun way that you can get the kids and the entire family out on this great item playing again and that is with trampoline games.

There is more to these items than just jumping, bouncing, and doing somersaults. The games are a fun and exciting activity that everyone will enjoy.

These exciting and fun games will also develop hand and body coordination along with improving control.

Fun And Exciting Trampoline Games

Fun trampoline games

Here are a few of the best fun and exciting games that your entire family can play:

1. Crossfire​​

Crossfire is very similar to dodgeball.

Two people must be on the jumping mat while the rest of the players are on the ground all on the ground around the frame.

A few bright balls are needed and the players on the ground will throw the balls at the two people on the jumping mat.

The two people on the mat can jump, bounce, and try to escape being hit by the ball. If the player on the mat is hit, they will switch with the person on the ground that hit them with the ball.

If a player on the ground hits a person on the mat in the head, then that person has to sit out for sixty seconds and resume playing.

2. Bounce Battle

Bounce battle is a fun game to play for everyone.

One player starts out by being on the jumping mat and that person must do bounces from their bottom and back on their feet.

The player wants to do so many bounces correctly without falling to one side or the other side and without using their arms.

The second player will go, and it goes back and forth until one of the players messes up.

3. Bullseye

Bullseye is a basic game that is fun and challenging.

Colored chalk is needed for this game. In the center of the jumping mat a circle is drawn, then 50 is in the center of the mat.

The next circle is drawn for the 40, then so on until you reach ten.

A bucket of water and sponges are needed as the sponges will be thrown and the person that gets the 50 wins that round and so on.

4. Balloon Pop

Balloon pop is a game that is great during the summer.

Parents can fill up balloons with water, and one person is on the jumping mat while the other players are around the frame.

Everyone throws the water balloons at the jumper and the jumper can jump, bounce and do tricks to avoid being hit with the water balloons.

If you are hit it’s okay because you are getting cooled down on a hot summer day, and that player switches out.


These are fun and exciting games that adults and kids can enjoy on their trampoline.

Always make sure that all safety measures are provided, so nobody gets hurt playing these games.

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