Zupapa Round Trampoline Review

by Jerry Rickel | Last Updated:  June 21, 2020

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The trampolines that are being sold on the market today don’t compare to the ones that were sold a decade or two ago.

Today, these products are providing more safety features and they are durable and can last for many, many years.

The Zupapa Round Trampoline is one of the top sellers in the industry. Families can gather around this exciting product instead of sitting in front of the television playing games or watching shows.

Zupapa 15FT 14FT 12FT Kids Trampoline with Enclosure net

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There isn’t a better way to get active in a fun and exciting way than jumping on a Zupapa Round Trampoline.

Who Is Zupapa Company?

This product is created by the Zupapa ® Company. Each one of these items that Zupapa creates is TUV (Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein) certified and TUV is an organization in Germany that inspects each one and they have been doing this since 1938.​​​​

The TUV certification ensures that its products are safe for all individuals along with being safe for the environment. When you purchase this brand and model, then rest assured as it will be TUV certified!

Safety and Durability

This model comes with 108 springs that are also made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, so the springs resist rust and the springs are seven inches to provide added jumping bouncing on the jumping mat.

The poles for the product are gathered together at two different locations to provide a sturdy, stable, and safer jumping ability. The poles are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, which will keep the poles from rusting.

A safety net enclosure comes with this product. The front of the safety net enclosure has a zipper to keep jumpers safe on the jumping mat.

The safety net enclosure poles are longer than any other safety net enclosure poles on the market. They also have two steel joints that come together for a durable enclosure and this will also keep the safety net enclosure from twisting up.

There is also a safety mat that goes around the frame and covers the springs. The safety mat is also UV protected and will keep jumpers safe when jumping and hit this area.

This item also includes a ladder, which is ideal for all age’s jumpers to enter and exit the jumping mat, and it also comes with a protective cover to add extra protection for the jumping mat when it is not in use.

Most Important Features

The product comes with many outstanding features, which include:


This make and model come in three sizes, which include 12 feet, 14 feet, and 15 feet. Depending on the size that you purchase the jumping mat size can range from 124 inches to 159 inches.

The jumping mat is UV protected, so the jumping mat will not fade or tear from the sun.

Things We Like

Things We Didn’t Like

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Is The Zupapa Round Trampoline Easy to Assemble?

This model comes with a lengthy instructions manual. Many customers who have purchased this model wished there were illustration steps to make the assembling process easier to understand.

This product takes several hours to assemble and it is recommended that at least two adults assemble the trampoline.

All of the tools that are needed for the assembly of the item is included, which is also a benefit so the buyers don’t have to hunt down tools to put this product together.

How Easy Does The Safety Net Assemblies?

The safety net enclosure has to be assembled exactly, so it fits on the frame correctly. It has to be placed at the bottom of the galvanized steel springs and the string is very long that must be used.

The string can be twisted and knotted while trying to attach to the springs, which is very frustrating.


This model comes with a great warranty. There is a six months warranty for the safety enclosure nets and the protective pads.

There is a one year warranty that covers the jumping mat and the springs. The heavy-duty galvanized steel frame has a three-year warranty.

Zupapa will replace any parts that may be defective at no cost to the buyer.

What People Say

Customers that purchased the Zupapa Round Trampoline were very pleased with their purchase. They have left a four to five-star rating out of a five-star rating for this particular brand and model, which is nearly an excellent rating.

The happy customers were thrilled with the performance of the trampoline and the quality materials that the product has been made with. There was also unhappy customers that claimed, that the zipper on the safety enclosure net was faulty and quickly broke.

My personal view on this is that this item is an excellent product that is safe, durable, and affordable.

Final Thoughts

The Zupapa Round Trampoline is a top-selling trampoline and a very popular trampoline too. The trampoline has been TUV Certified, which means that the trampoline is safe for all humans and the trampoline is safe for the environment.

If I was wanting to purchase a safe and durable product that would provide hours and hours of jumping fun and excitement, then I would definitely purchase the Zupapa Round Trampoline, even if this model is a bit more costly than other like it on the market. I would rather pay a little more money to gain more safety features for my family.

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