Springfree Jumbo 13ft Square Review

by Jerry Rickel | Last Updated:  June 21, 2020

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Are you searching for a safe trampoline for you and your children? If you are, then the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline is the product that you are searching for.

This model is not only safe but also very durable. The difference with this product compared to other competitors is there are no springs.

Springfree Trampoline | 8 10 11 13ft | Oval Round Square | Springless Trampolines with Safety Enclosure, Basketball Hoop and Ladder

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This mean you and your children will have more jumping space and there is less of a chance for injuries.

Who Is Springfree Trampoline?

Dr. Keith Alexander took over fifteen years to create and invent the safest trampoline world-wide. He did extensive research, then he designed this product that would stop any injuries at points in the jumping mat that were impacted the most. The model and brand are spring-free, which is how the company’s name was created.

The Springfree Company considers themselves, “The World’s Safest Trampoline”, and with all the safety features that come with this model, you may think the same too.

Safety and Durability

This product comes with a flexible rod system. The flexible rod system allows the rods to gently move with every jump, so there are no impact injuries. There is also a safety enclosure net, which is called the FlexiNet system by Springfree.

The net will catch any jumpers that are falling, then pushing the jumper back to the center of the jumping mat safely. There are eight legs that are shaped like a “U”. The legs come in a black finish that has been double powder coated, so the frame is resistant to rust.

There is also a center brace that attaches to each of the legs on the frame to provide added sturdiness and stability.

The jumping mat has been designed with a special formula that is actually stronger than steel. It is three times stronger. The SoftEdge protection mat is made with a special geotextile that won’t deteriorate.

The protection pad can withstand harsh UV exposure and as much as over five thousand hours. The product is an amazing item that the entire family can enjoy.

Most Important Features

This product comes with many features that include:


The jumping mat is 13 feet by 13 feet. The jumping mat surface is 155 feet.

The FlexiNet height is 6 feet above the jumping mat.

Also, the trampoline can withstand up to 220 pounds of weight.

Things We Like

Things We Didn’t Like

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Is the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline Easy to Assemble?

This particular model is difficult to assemble. There are assembly videos on the Springfree website that demonstrate the assembly process, but it is still not easy to assemble.

It takes several adults to put the product together and it can take up to two or three hours to have the trampoline successfully assembled.

Is the FlexiNet System Safe?

The FlexiNet system on the model is very safe. The FlexiNet system is a safety enclosure that attaches to flexible rods. The flexible rods gently move with each jump that is made on the jumping pad. If the jumper is heading towards an impact zone, then the flexible rods will push the jumper back to the center of the jumping mat and this prevents any injuries from occurring.

The FlexiNet safety enclosure system is made with a special knit that is soft. The FlexiNet safety enclosure resists tearing. The FlexiNet safety enclosure system has not only had UV protection added once but twice.

This is double to what the safety standards require and this has been done to add double protection to the product, even in the worst weather conditions.


This model comes with the best warranties than most of the other competitors on the market. The black galvanized steel frame comes with a 4-year warranty, the jumping mat comes with a 1-year warranty, the rods come with a 1-year warranty, and the FlexiNet comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you purchase the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline and you register your warranty on the Springfree website page, then the company will double the warranty.

For example, the black galvanized steel frame would provide the buyer with an 8-year warranty instead of the 4-year warranty if you register this item warranty on their website. This is an outstanding warranty.

What People Say

Customers who have purchased the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline were very happy with their purchase. These customers left a positive review along with giving this product with a 4 to 5-Star rating out of 5, which is the highest rating.

Some of the customers that have purchased the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline were not pleased with their purchase. Many of these unhappy customers claim that the rods with this product were not functioning properly and that it wasn’t covered under the warranty.

The happy customers said that it was safe, durable, and was worth paying the extra cost for this model because there are many safety features and benefits that come with this model that the competitors can’t match.

Final Thoughts

The Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline is one of the best on the market today. One of the qualities of this model is spring-free, which will prevent injuries.

The FlexiNet safety enclosure system was specially designed and created to resist tears and fraying. The rods with the FlexiNet system moves with the jumper to prevent any jumpers from falling off of the jumping mat and preventing dangerous injuries.

Although this brand and model are quite a bit higher in price that other trampolines in the industry, this one has many more safety features to compensate for the price. It comes with a ladder, FlexiNet safety enclosure, a protective covering mat, and the frame is made of galvanized steel that resists rust.

Parents who are searching for a safe and secure product should seriously consider purchasing the Springfree Jumbo 13 Foot Square Trampoline. You won’t regret the purchase and neither will your kids. You will suddenly see that your kids are becoming healthier and more active than ever because you made the right choice to purchase a product that promotes a healthier and active lifestyle.

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